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Applications of KMDL®

Besides the pure modeling of processes, advanced analysis can be done. In order to increase the diffusion of KMDL® v2.2, existent ARIS models can be imported into KMDL® 2.2. Due to the fact that KMDL® 2.2 needs additional information (not provided by ARIS) like for example knowledge, persons, conversions and communication method, this information needs to be added to the business processes. Once the processes are fully imported into KMDL®, analysises can be performed. The different views on a process enable to fade in and out necessary information. Object frequencies can be determined through reports. Based on the process patterns, weaknesses and potentials can be identified and suggestions for improvement can be made. Taxonomies and ontologies can be a useful support to model KMDL® processes. On the other hand such taxonomies and ontologies can be generated after modelling the process. Based on the given information, process improvements can be suggested.  An additional communication view gives you the possibility to model the communication structures within an organisation. As to priorities or deficits in communication are able to be detected. Using  target processes, human resources planning activities and expert search can be carried out, considering individual competencies. These properties are modeled and analysed with  KMDL® and hence used for future activities and decisions.

illustration: applications of KMDL