Knowledge Management

The university of Potsdam offers lecture "Knowledge Management" annualy every summer term. The english version "International Knowledge Management" is offered once a year every winter term as a block seminar.

Objective of the lecture
The mastery of knowledge assets within an organisation is gaining more and more importance as a competitive factor. Knowledge assets can be found in the employees heads and in terms of information for example in documents. Not only classical knowledge processing organisations like consulting companies or companies from the research and development industry have recognised this circumstance. The topics of the lecture address the different levels of knowledge management within the organisation but they also address aspects of individual, team based and organisational learning and knowledge management.


  • Introduction to knowledge management and definitions
  • Approaches to knowledge management
  • Business process oriented knowledge management
  • Modeling of knowledge intensive business processes with KMDL (Knowledge Modeling and Description Language)
  • Analysis of knowledge intensive business processes
  • Knowledge management tools and systems
  • Knowledge based systems and knowledge engineering
  • Social software
  • Communities of Practice
  • E-Learning

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