KMDL® and current research

In order to succeed in the competition on global markets, companies need to constantly develop their products and developments further. An important aspect of the management of innovations is taking the exchange of knowledge between employees into account. Where are ideas being created? How are they further developed? How does the exchange of ideas effect the capability to be innovative? Answering these questions is the goal of the Open Network Project that is being conducted by the Chair for Business Informatics and Electronic Government of the University of Potsdam, the Institute for Management Cybernetics and the Chair for Technology and Innovation at RWTH Aachen University. Goal of the research project is to develop a method for analyzing the capability for innovations of small and midsized companies through evaluating internal and external relationship-networks. In order to be able to evaluate the transfer of knowledge, the modelling language KMDL® is applied as a central pillar of the research project. Its ability to precisely depict the flow of knowledge provides the basis for a detailed analysis of relationships between employees and their effect on the innovation capability of companies.