Process Analysis at Customer Service Centre Europe with K-Modeler

In cooperation with the world wide operating Customer Service Center Europe (CSC), a joint venture of the engine manufacturer Pratt & Whiteny Canada and MTU - Maintenance, an international practice-based project with students of the Potsdam University was realised. During the project all business processes of the CSC Europe were gathered and analyzed. For that the K-Modeler was used.  This tool is a freeware and among other things it is compatible to eEPC (Event-Driven Process Chain). These properties were used and as the parent group already was modelling their business processes by using the modelling language eEPC, the CSC also decided to document the business processes with eEPC. A total of 167 processes were identified and gathered in English language. Within workshops with employees of CSC the business processes were live modeled, coordinated and described/specified.  Especially the opportunity to map attributes to edges and objects, was one of the most useful functionality within the K-Modeler. These functionality was used to document mandatory data of each document.  In addition the syntax rules enables an easy going preparation.  The process files are stored in the ubiquitous XML format (Extensible Markup Language). In this file all subprocesses of a process are stored. The export function is in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and allows the employees of the CSC to check the modeled business processes.