Knowledge management systems for small context - May it be a little less?

The question is, how small may be a KMS to be referred to as such. Does it always have to be a specialized complete system, which can be used for every situation? Or has it to be a system, which is focused on a particular business process, includes no native application logic and user administration and refers only to the relevant external systems? This paper presents a pragmatic approach to derive a kind of "mini -KMS" for small application contexts from process models.

Serving as example is a course with many participants, which is provided a process-oriented preparation of all necessary informations, knowledge carrier and support overall context. The presentation made ​​possible by its Web-based interface both informational and interactional related items for the students. In this respect the approach just shows, that it can be used for various application contexts. For example, companies or administrations can generate external navigational aids or document respectively customize the internal organisational procedure.